On-Site Support

ITonDemand provides on site supportWhile we can support just about everything remotely from our call center, we are aware that at times there is a need to have "boots on the ground" to quickly resolve critical outages in your IT infrastructure. 

That is why we offer an add-on to our Complete ITonDemand Automation service.  This allows you to feel comfortable knowing that you can control your costs even if you do require one of our highly skilled technicians to come to your location to resolve an issue. 

There are two methods for addressing your onsite support needs: 

  1. First, we realize some clients may only need onsite service every once in a awhile, and are not necessarily comfortable "insuring" that they can call on us when this type of need arises, we offer the pre-purchase of blocks of hours at a highly discounted rate.  The blocks come in 5 Hour and 10 Hour packages, do not expire until they are all used up, and can be repurchased at any time during your contract period.  This offers you the control and flexibility over your IT Costs that we know is valuable to your bottom line.

  2. The second option is more of an insurance policy and provides you with unlimited onsite support each month for any workstation, server, or supported device.  The cost of this option is included in your monthly agreement and provides you with complete piece of mind knowing your IT support costs will stay fixed from month to month.