DNS Hosting

ITonDemand ensures file securityOur Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting service is the perfect complement to managing your network. Many issues that our clients run into result from an ineffectively managed DNS account. Let us explain why DNS Hosting is so important to keeping your business accessible on the internet.


DNS is a vital component to the flow of information on the internet. Your company's domain name acts as a directory listing on the internet. In order for data to get to your various internet locations, for example, your email server or your website, that data has to be routed to the right physical location. A domain name translates the actual physical location of your company's internet accessible resource into an to locate virtual address that can be remembered by people and other computer systems.

With all things technology related, there is a much more technical explanation of how this actually works located here. But the basic thing that you need to know is that if you want to be able to be reached from the web, you have to have a service that helps other internet users reach you. That is what Domain Name Server Hosting provides. It is a tool to help manage and ensure that your virtual business locations can be accessed over the internet.


You would be surprised how many problems arise due to our clients' DNS hosting service. The advantage to having us manage your DNS service, is that it makes it easier, for you and for us, to ensure that this vital service is implemented and configured properly. We have technically trained staff that understand the technology and can implement changes and ensure resolution to issues. Since we're doing all the technical heavy, you do not have to worry about a thing. Further, it is one more valuable aspect of your business technology infrastructure that you can be confident knowing that ITonDemand has you covered.