Anti-Spam Protection

ITonDemand provides desktop supportPowered by MailFoundry, our hosted anti-spam protection provides excellent spam protection for your user's inbox.  We've partnered with MailFoundry because their solution provides top of the line, easy to managed and highly accurate anti-spam technology. 

MailFoundry's email protection engine, MessageIQ, is the newest, most capable engine available on the market today. Bar none. MessageIQ gives MailFoundry the edge over all of its competitors in terms of kill rate performance, false positive performance, message per second processing performance and adaptability to new threats.


The entire anti-spam industry is built around engines that kill spam, but also block a startling amount of legitimate email at the same time. MailFoundry designed MessageIQ from the ground up with a zero false positive goal from the onset. Their approach was different, and as a result, their performance is different.

Something to ponder - competitor engines are legacy as far as MailFoundry is concerned. Email threats are an evolving target. MailFoundry built their latest engine as a whole new code base from the ground up. Everyone else keeps duct taping theirs. Spammers are smart. There are technology changes day to day. A new engine was needed to counter the changing threat. So MailFoundry built one.


MessageIQ uses targeted spam profiles that were created to defeat actual spam outbreaks as they happen. MailFoundry doesn't use any hueristics or learning systems in their approach. Those systems give fairly decent kill rates, but have horrid false positive rates. They also need constant maintenance and "training" by the system administrators and end users.

The MessageIQ NOC examines email threats as they happen in realtime from around the globe. Over 500,000 messages per hour are classified automatically and new profiles or updated profiles are sent out every five minutes to MailFoundry appliances world-wide. Their profiles are built around current attacks based on their key fingerprints. This involves more than just analysis of the email content. This involves examination of the sending email server, network data, header data, message content and other attributes.

These spam profiles give MessageIQ the ability to quickly and accurately identify emails in realtime.

MessageIQ is a hands-off operation solution. MailFoundry updates the spam profiles every five minutes as email threat outbreaks happen so MailFoundry appliances world-wide have the most up to date profiles without any interaction with the network admins or end users. Since MailFoundry doesn't have false positives, MailFoundry also doesn't have individual user logins for whitelist management, etc. Many of the features common on other solutions exist as a result of their high false positive rates. You won't find any of that on the MailFoundry’s platform.


Image spam has been a problem for other anti-spam engines because of its nature as an attachment payload, and techniques like OCR (optical character recognition) aren't successful at blocking this type of attack for two main reasons. 1) It's easy to modify the message per incident to bypass the OCR engine, and 2) OCR is a high CPU intensive application and can cripple the throughput of systems using it. MessageIQ is effective against image spam and doesn't slow down the processing of emails because MessageIQ is able to handle these emails in the same manner that it deals with all payload attacks.


  • No hardware or software to purchase
  • Unlimited email addresses per domain

  • Hourly, Daily, or Weekly Spam Digests

  • Low cost monthly service fee that is easy on the budget.


For additional information and pricing, request a quote today and help us figure out how we can provide you a low cost, highly effect answer to that annoying spam in your inbox.